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If your and your family's future is in the UK, then the course or action is very simple, and you need to act fast.

The best option to secure your and your family members' future in the UK is when an EEA citizen becomes a British citizen. In order to become British that EEA citizen must have Permanent Residence status issued by the UK BA for  minimum period of 12 months. In certain cases the UK BA may backdate the date of the deemed date of the Permanent Residence acquisition.

The next best option for an EEA citizen is to apply for Permanent Residence in the UK. In most cases EU citizens need to complete 5 years of the UK BA defined continued economic activity in order to apply for a Permanent Residence documentation, which is issued by the UK BA.

And, if you are a EU citizen who recently arrived into the UK, then you are advised to apply for the initial EEA Registration Certificate. This registration may be useful in the future when the UK finally leaves the EU.

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