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Most of our clients instruct us to lodge their applications via the so-called UK Border Agency Public Enquiry Office (PEO) Same Day/Fast Track service, when a client's application may be considered on the day of the application. In some complex cases an application can only be submitted by post or there is no provision for an application be submitted via the same day service. Below are some examples of practical visa applications average consideration times:

In-country applications
  • TIER1/2/4 - within 6 months
  • SET(M): within 6 months
  • SET(O) PBS: within 6 months
  • SET(O) long residence: within 6 months
  • SET(BUS): within 6 months
  • FLR(M): within 6 months
  • SET(BUS): within 6 months
  • EEAFM: within 6 months
  • EEAEFM: within 4 months
  • EEAQP: within 1.5 months
  • EEAPR: within 3-4 months
  • Immigration appeals: around 6 months

Out of country applications:
  • Spouse/fiance(e)/unmarried partner of a British citizen or Settled person: within 3.5 months
  • EEA Family Permit: within 4 weeks
  • Visitors: within 10 days
  • Immigration appeal: within 7-12 months
Currently there is a tendency within the UK BA to consider postal application longer than usual. Some of the callers informed us that their postal applications have been under consideration well in excess of 6 months, therefore a same day service appointment at the UK BA PEO to consider an application on the same day basis is in high demand.

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