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5 Stars Outstanding service
By Hanna on 03 April 2020
We are really grateful for the amount of effort that Anton has put in to help us! His service was absolutely impressive and amazingly fast! We will continue working with Anton because how reliable and great he is at his job! No words can explain how thankful we are for what he has done and we can’t recommend him enough!!!!!
5 Stars A Highly Professional Service
By Elena on 22 March 2020
Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Антону и Legal Centre за их профессиональную помощь и поддержку. Моя подруга посоветовала мне обратиться к ним за помощью так как мое дело было совсем не простое. С первого разговора с Антоном я поняла что отдала своё дело в надежные руки и спала спокойно по ночам не переживая ни за что. Вчера утром Антон сообщил мне что моя анкета на гражданство Великобритании была одобрена. У меня не хватило слов и эмоций для того чтобы выразить свою радость и благодарность за их великолепный труд и за то что они есть. Мне приходилась сталкиваться с адвокатами и юристами в Великобритании по иммиграционным и семейным вопросам, но Антон и Legal не сравнить ни с кем вообще. Очень приятно иметь дело с такими людьми как Антон и Legal Centre. Самое главное что они были очень честны. Они всегда отвечали на мои любые вопросы, тексты, звонки и электронные письма сразу не заставляя меня ждать вообще. Ещё раз огромное спасибо Вам всем за Вашу помощь и поддержку!!! Удачи Вам всем!!! Обязательно рекомендую всем!!!
5 Stars Highly Professional Service
By Elena on 22 March 2020
I would like to express my great gratitude to Anton and Legal Centre for their a highly professional service and efficient manner. They handled my case, which wasn't easy and straightforward one. Anton was an absolute pleasure to deal with as they were very approachable, always on hand and answered my calls/texts messages and emails immediately. They would always go an extra mile to ensure I'm kept informed at each stage of the process. I can't recommend them enough! Thank you so much and all the best to you All!
5 Stars Professional help
By Yulia on 21 March 2020
Just received my spouse visa extension. Anton was supporting throughout the process, and his help was highly professional and accurate. Thank you very much for your help and support,
5 Stars Successful Leave to enter after 2 refusals
By Nataliia on 05 March 2020
Our family is really grateful to Anton Koval for his professional attitude, deep knowledge of all details of UK Visa process and thorough revision of all the documents. We used other professional help before and it led us to refusal, so this time we could really see the difference. Anton helped us in terms of general supervision and it felt like full support. We will certainly use his help for future applications and any doubt we can recommend his brilliant work.