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5 Stars Excellent/Отлично
By Albert on 19 March 2018
Антон помог с проверкой заявления на FLR (M). Всё сделал быстро, указал на ошибки и недостатки документов. Визу дали за 1 час в premium service centre в Solihull. Всё прошло отлично! Anton helped us by chechking our FLR (M) application. Everything was checked promptly and Anton pointed out any mistakes/missing documents. As a result, the visa was granted within 1 hour at Solihull premium service centre. Great service!
5 Stars Permanent Residence received !
By Ruy on 13 March 2018
Hi Anthony, I have no words to explain how happy I am. Thank you very much God bless. You are doing very good job helping people like me thank you.
5 Stars Я и мой сын наконец Британцы !
By Мария on 12 March 2018
Антон , это супер подарок на 8-е Марта :-) Готова вас с Юлей расцеловать ), спасибо ребята за профессионализм и понимание ! С уважением , Мария
5 Stars Highly recommend
By Pavlo on 19 February 2018
Thank you so much Anton and Julia again for everything that you did for me. You have been great immigration support for me and my family for last 10 years. Highly, highly recommend
By Natasha on 15 February 2018
Anton, I am writing to say a big, huge "thank you" for your honesty. You told me that my case was a losing case right from the beginning. I would like to thank you for having courage to tell me the truth, whereas other solicitors would be giving a false hope and continue taking my money. You told me not to spend any money on solicitors. You said that you hate seeing clients spend thousands of pounds with solicitors when it was clear from the beginning that they will lose their case. I really admire your honesty. It made me think what else I could do in my situation. As a result I have recently applied for EU citizenship. If not you, I would be still waiting and wasting my time. Thank you very much! I will be back when my EU docs come through. Thank you very much again!