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5 Stars Highly recommended
By Anna on 12 November 2019
Anton has been very helpful throughout my application process. He was always extremely professional, responsive and knowledgable. I highly recommend his services.
5 Stars Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a fabulous stress-free conveyancing work! I would definitely recommend you to anyone else.
By Ardak on 09 November 2019
Выражаю огромную благодарность юристу Антону Коваль, Legal Centre за проделанную Вами работу и бесценную помощь. Вы действительно профессионал с большой буквы, любящий свою профессию и ценящий результат своей проделанной работы. В июле 2019 получила ILR и в октябре 2019 получила долгожданное гражданство. Антон Коваль, вы не просто юрист, вы порядочный и ответственный человек который ценит клиента, его время и свой труд. Я и вся наша семья вам благодарны! Успехов Вам в работе и побольше благодарных клиентов!
5 Stars Knowledgeable and very helpful
By Anna on 08 November 2019
I've reached out to Legal centre after our application to extend visa got denied. We went to Central supervision package. I found Anton's assistance invaluable. He's very knowledgeable on the subject, was always available to answer any questions on a very short notice and I'm pleased to say that the Home office decision has been overturned before the case went to court. So very happy with result and will absolutely recommend Legal centre services.
5 Stars Great service and advice
By Munish on 07 November 2019
Really great service and very helpful. Best part is you can get same day appointments for immediate query and team does their homework before the call if you provide your queries beforehand. Really pleased with the support, responses and flexibility. Highly recommended.
5 Stars Great service!
By Anthony on 30 October 2019
Many thanks Anton for steering us though the visa application minefield! And you always responded so quickly (even at weekends) which was much appreciated by both of us.