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5 Stars професійно та
By Anton on 07 May 2022
Користувалися супроводом протягом останніх трьох років -- починаючи від ILR і до громадянства для всієї родини. Жодних проблем, організація роботи с документамі доволі ефективна та оперативна. Також Антон завжди добре ознайомлений зі змінами у процесах та вимогах Home Office. Дякуємо та радимо звернутися тим з наших знайомих, хто потребує допомоги в питаннях іміграції.
5 Stars Спасибо!
By Katerina on 09 April 2022
Большое спасибо Антону за профессионализм! Пройден путь - ILR и Citizenship. Все прошло очень гладко. Желаю успехов! Рекомендую всем!
5 Stars Professional and friendly
By Nina on 01 April 2022
Thank you Legal Centre for your amazing and professional work! We can always rely on you! Brilliant communication with the clients. Constant and clear updates on new regulations! The company you can trust!
5 Stars 6 star service
By Iryna on 27 March 2022
I've used Anton's services twice: when applied for my ILR and naturalisation. Extremely satisfied with the process and the result: everything was smooth, well planned and stress free. Anton's expertise is par to none - he is always on top of things. Highly recommend.
5 Stars ILR
By Tamara on 27 March 2022
Great work, very thorough examination of my document package for submission. I was pretty confident in putting the documents together myself but had them checked just in case. They pointed out a couple of things that were missing, which was really helpful. Had no problem getting the ILR.