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Obtaining a Student Visa or a Parent's Visa for a minor student child provides you with a legal right to stay in the UK on a long-term basis. We can help you choose the UK Educational Establishment of the highest level, meeting all your and your child's needs. if required, we can also assist you with the UK Visa applications.

Our specialists have 20 years experience working with the Educational Establishments in the UK and will be able to assist you in finding the School or the University, assist you in organizing your visist to that particular Edudcational Establishment and prepare your child for the exams.

Our partners include such well-known schools as Sevenoaks, Charterhouse, Bromsgrove, Ardingly, Badminton, Cardiff, Oxford International College, Eton, Brighton College and many others. Also, if you have small children, we can offer you assistance in finding the Nursery or the Elementary School. This service will take the weight off your shoulders as well as will save your time, making you and your child happy, as the properly selected Educational Establishment is not only the way to a serious academic education, but also a provision of a peaoce of mind for both the child and the parent.

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