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These types of visas generally refer to the UK family Settlement types visas. That means that these visas usually lead to Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain - ILR) on completion of a qualifying residence period of 5 years (since 2012; discretion may apply in certain cases).

The bullet point differences between the UK Spouse, Fiance(e) and Unmarried Partners visas can be summarised as follows :

  • The Fiance(e) (also called a Visa for Marriage) visa can only be issued from outside of the UK. The partners, if married in the past, must have Decree Absolute(s) before lodging a Fiance(e) visa application. The Fiance(e) visa is issued for a period of 6 months, subject to the applicant meeting the requirements under the Appendix FM. In-country switching into the Spouse visa category is then possible, including the same day visa switching service
  • The UK Spouse visa, depending on the applicant's circumstances, may either be applied from the UK or overseas. The initial grant if for 2.5 years, then another extension for a period of 2.5 years is required by the applicant in order to be eligible, subject to meeting all the other requirements under the Appendix FM, for Settlement in the UK. In some special circumstances Visitors or even overstayers may qualify for the in-country grant of a Spouse Visa yet under the so-called 10-Year Route to Settlement. The latter is a complex area so you are strongly advised to discuss it with us before attempting to lodge such an application
  • The UK Unmarried Partners visa only differs from the UK Spouse visa by the fact that the partners are unmarried. The visa, depending on the applicant's circumstances, may be applied from either the UK or overseas. Note that the Unmarried Partners' previous marriages must be dissolved (Decree Absolutes issued) and that the partners must have lived in a relationship akin to a marriage for a continued period of minimum 2 years prior to the application
  • Children under the age of 18 (at the moment of the application) may be included in the above applications. Note that if the child is from a different relationship, a very strict requirement under the Sole Responsibility criteria must be satisfied
  • Out of country (outside of the UK) applications can be considered quicker if the applicant opts for the Priority Service (usually 30 days). Otherwise, the applications will be considered within the UK Government target frame of 90 days
Naturally, the applicants in UK Fiance(s), Spouse or Unmarried Partners categories must meet all the relevant requirements under the Appendix FM (some exceptions may be possible, though), such as the suitability, criminal, health, financial, accommodation and the English language knowledge requirements etc. The UK Government Guidances under the Appendix FM are a few hundred pages long, and they tend to be updated a few times a year (!) by the UK Government.

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