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Legal Centre can help you to check your immigration application, court appeal bundle etc and provide you with a detailed feedback before submission of your application to the UK Border Agency, UK Visa Application Centre, First/Upper Tier tribunal

You, a migrant, may be generally familiar with the UK Immigration Rules but may not be complete sure that your application bundle has been compiled correctly. We have assisted a number of clients with the so-called Immigration Application Verification Service by checking the migrants’ application bundle before the applications would be submitted to the UK BA, UK VAC or Tribunals via postal or via the same day service application process. In some cases we discovered that migrants did not complete the correct or up-to-date form, that the core documents were missing, that translations were not properly certified etc, and we advised those migrant on how to rectify those issues before the submission of their applications, thus saving the migrants’ time and trouble for re-submitting the application, going for the appeal or even facing leaving the UK as the potential and disastrous effect of the incorrectly prepared application.

We are able to check the application bundle and provide a detailed feedback in most cases within a day or two for a fixed fee is £450.

We can check immigration, naturalization and appeal applications under the UK Immigration law and the EEA Regulations and provide a detailed feedback, before your application is lodge to the UK BA, Visa Application Centres or the courts, and advise you whether your application is likely to succeed or not, and if not, what can be done about it. We can generally help you with all immigration types of applications and appeals under the UK Immigration Law and the EEA Regulations, such as:
  • SET(O)
  • SET(M)
  • FLR(FP)
  • FLR(M)
  • NTL
  • TIER 1/2/4/5
  • PBS Dependents
  • EEA(FM)
  • EEA(PR)
  • Entry clearance
  • Grounds of appeal
  • IAFT1/2/3 etc
How does the Application Verification Service work ?

The Application Verification Service works as follows:
  • You pay our fee of £450.00 via this link
  • You either E-mail us or upload copies of your complete application bundle to the DropBox, Google Drive and the like free file storage service and send us a link to our E-mail
  • Upon receipt of the above, we will check your application bundle within 1-2 working days and will come back to you with our detailed feedback as whether your application has been properly prepared or your application needs further attention
This service allows you to minimize serious or even catastrophic errors in preparation of your application bundle before submission to the relevant authority.
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Should you wish to instruct us to act on your behalf further, such as preparing and lodging your immigration application or appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The above options are not exhaustive, as we treat every client's case individually. Please do not hesitate to book a phone, Skype or office consultation with us for a professional immigration advice and possible further representation before the UK Border Agency or the First Tier or Upper Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) (FTT/UTT IAC).

We are here to help: , 077 911 45 923 (Mob/Viber/WhatsApp), 0330 001 0342 and, of course, the helpful instant and same day Legal Centre Skype, Phone, Viber and WhatsApp Consultations