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New Fast Track International Sportsperson Route

Prominent award winners and sport stars can come to live and work in the UK more easily now.

Sportspersons can come to the UK for one of two periods:
  • 12 months or less, or
  • between 12 months and three years.
The sponsoring club must issue the sportsperson with a short-term CoS or a long-term CoS to support the individual application.

The longer period can be sought only if the applicant can meet an English language requirement (level A1 in speaking and listening). For either period, the sportsperson must have an endorsement, a certificate of sponsorship and meet a financial requirement.

A sportsperson can enter the UK with a visa for the shorter period and, on meeting the English language requirement (for example, by sitting a qualifying English test), can extend their permission to stay in the country for the longer period. If extending in this way, a new CoS and governing body endorsement will be required. This extension process can be undertaken from within the UK.

Do I need a visa to come to the UK ?

Sportspeople based outside the UK must undertake a visa application process overseas before travelling to the UK.

Sportspeople can, under limited circumstances, still enter the UK as visitors to undertake specific sports-related activities and subsequently switch to the work route from within the UK.

EU citizens can apply using the UK Immigration: ID Check app and will be given a digital immigration status if successful. Others apply online, and get a biometric residence permit if they are granted permission for longer than six months.

Settlement rights as an International Sportsperson

Currently, there is no upper limit on how long an International Sportsperson can stay in the UK in this category. Sportspeople may be able to apply for Settlement (ILR - Indefinite Leave to Remain) having completed a 5-year lawful residence in the UK.

Note that those who do wish to settle must, among other criteria, be paid £35,800 a year.

Now any time spent in the International Sportsperson route, or its Tier 2 and Tier 5 predecessors can be counted toward the 5 years needed to qualify for settlement.

The above options are not exhaustive, as we treat every client's case individually. Please do not hesitate to book a phone, Skype or office consultation with us for a professional immigration advice and possible further representation before the UK Border Agency or the First Tier or Upper Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) (FTT/UTT IAC).

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